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Get it Done

The Scarlet ‘E’ for Social Media Expert

Lately, the blogosphere has begun an outcry against the "social media experts”, mostly by other self-described "social media experts”. I recently … [Read More...]

Small Business Disaster Planning

Last weekend, a tornado touched down within a few miles of my home and home office. No damage to our home but others suffered wind damage, fallen … [Read More...]

Get Inspired

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Books for Business Inspiration

Over the holidays, I caught up on some much needed rest, relaxation, and reading (love my Kindle!) I was looking for inspiration and found it in two … [Read More...]

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Nurture the Soul of Your Business

Are you creating a new year plan for your small business? If you are like most entrepreneurs, your plan includes a full list projects, strategies, … [Read More...]

Nurture the Soul of Your Business

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Don’t Go It Alone – Partners Help You Climb Higher!

Two climbers from Crestock Stock ImagesIf you run a business, you know how essential it is to regularly monitor and measure the vital signs of your … [Read More...]

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This is the second post in a monthly series dedicated to preparing your business for the upcoming economic recovery. Yesterday, we discussed how you … [Read More...]

Innovation Team

Why Join a Mastermind Team?

Lately, there has been tremendous interest in Mastermind Teams within my business networks. Having spent many hours in phone calls and online … [Read More...]

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Five Tasks in the Morning

Last week, I read an article by Chris Brogan entitled “Five Tasks in the Morning” which has me thinking about the importance of self-discipline … [Read More...]

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Day

The Summer of Giving began with nervous anticipation…so many choice,where do I start? Yesterday, I created a very long list of ideas of how I could … [Read More...]